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What volunteering is all about

Volunteering with us isn't just about campfires and helping girls to get their next badge - although those are special moments that we all share. It's about empowering girls and giving them new experiences. It's being a role model and helping girls to realise their full potential. It's sharing and developing your skills.

Do something for you and your community

  • Meet new friends living near you

  • Take a refreshing break from your everyday routine

  • Share a skill or specialism

  • Make a difference to the lives of girls in your community

  • Spend time laughing, playing and being inspired by incredible girls and young women

Build skills for life

Working with young people and other volunteers helps develop valuable, transferable skills like event planning, time management, leadership skills and budgeting.

You choose the volunteer role that matches your skills and time. Then we'll help you build skills with training opportunities suited to your role that make your CV stand out. Take our Leadership qualification, become a trained first aider or get qualified for outdoor activities such as climbing and kayaking.

Be an inspiration for girls

Your professional and personal experience, a specific skill or simply your enthusiasm - you have so much to share with girls and young women in guiding. Whether you've been involved in guiding before or you are completely new to us, you'll feel proud to watch girls grow through guiding.

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